Avalon String Quartet



Alice Tully Hall
New York City, NY US
April 23, 2002
8:00 pm


Macbride, David: “A Muse”
Haydn: Op 71 No 2 in Bb Major
Shafer, R. Murray: Quartet No 5 “Rosalind”
Macbride, David: “A Muse”
Beethoven: String Quartet Op 59 No 3 in C Major

Strad Magazine Review

By Dennis Rooney, for The Strad, published on July 1, 2002

Haydn’s op.71 no.1 in B flat major made a strong initial impression; well-chosen tempos and transparent textures conveyed its genial mood with complete success. R. Murry Schafer’s Quartet no.5 of 1989 was pleasingly accessible in style and highly atmospheric. …Beethoven’s op.59 no.3 shared the same performance qualities as the Haydn, with the addition of some real virtuosity.

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